Today’s workforce is unique.  For the first time in history, it is comprised of 5 generations – including the Greatest Generation and the Selfie Generation.  The workforce is technology driven, has a high need for information, and is accustomed to having immediate access to information – at the fingertips.

Not only does today’s workforce differ in age, they also differ in how they want to receive employee communications.  According to Captiva’s 2015 Employee Insight Study, there are significant differences among team members when asked how they want to receive information from their employer.


Familetime is a private internal communications platform that recognizes the challenges that organizations face when communicating with today’s workforce.  Using a combination of text, email and mobile applications, the Familetime platform enables organizations to push information to employees while creating a highly organized “home” for employer communications.

Familetime equips organizations to better communicate with employees of all types:

  • The “I want more choices” Employee:  For those who like choices, Familetime allows the user to select how they wish to receive employer information.  They can choose text, email, mobile, web or all of the above!
  •  The Headline Reader:  For those who want just the facts – Familetime provides a weekly email summarizing all of the posts that were added to the site the prior week.  Employees can scan the headlines and click “read more” for the topics where they have an interest.
  •  The Detail Seeker:  For those who like information – all the information – the Watercooler feed captures each and every post in chronological order.  It is simple to access the full story and read every word.
  •  The Forgetful One(s):  For those with a short memory, Familetime captures everything in a web application so employees can easily find posts that were previously added.  Familetime is an organized “home” for all communications.

And for the communications team, the ones charged with keeping everyone informed, things have never been simpler.  Familetime enables you to privately share information with today’s workforce – using the channels that they have become accustomed.  It is easy to use, simple to customize, and ideal for busy communications executives searching for effective ways keep team members informed.

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