We all know the importance of employee engagement in the workforce.  According to the McKinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected and engaged employees.

In health care, however, the impact can go far beyond productivity.  Improving employee engagement can have a tangible impact on both quality of care as well financial performance.

  • Cornerstone found that engaged/satisfied employees result in higher patient satisfaction – HCAHPS
  • The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators found that higher nurse engagement scores resulted in statistically lower patient mortality and complication indices
  • A study by Gallup and Loma Linda University Medical Center determined that increases in nurse satisfaction led to an 87% decrease in infection rate over two years
  • According to Gallup, “hospitals with the least engaged nurses pay more than $1.1 million annually in malpractice claims that those with the most engaged nurses.”

Familetime is an internal communications platform that was developed specifically to enhance employee engagement.  Familetime’s innovative platform enables organizations to push information to employees using a combination of text, email, and mobile applications.

In addition to using the preferred communication channels of today’s workforce, Familetime also provides a “home” for employer communications that is private, highly organized and simple to use.

By focusing on one of the foundational tenants of employee engagement, communication, Familetime equips organizations to better engage employees and improve culture.

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